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Welcome to our web site and thanks for stopping by. We've put a great deal of work into this web site and we hope that you will find the resources and information useful. Spend some time here, look around. The knowledge base is large and every week we add new articles and material.

This firm was founded because the owners enjoy the thrill and excitement of dealing with people from all over the world. And language overcomes the barriers between different peoples. Our company is based in Wellington, New Zealand in the western South Pacific Ocean. New Zealand has been a melting pot of culture and language since the early days of colonialisation.

The Translate Me Group is your gateway to expert translations to and from many languages including English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, Italian and Portuguese, as well as many of the world's more exotic languages. And of course, given our location, we can offer translations to/from most of the South Pacific Island languages.

Our specialist area is Web Site and Software Localisation Services.

What does it cost? It's the first question most people ask. Most of our work is based on a charge per word. And the rate per word depends on the language pair. Thus in order to quote we need to assess the length of the text to be translated, based on the number of words. For most web sites all we require is the url. And if you ask us to quote for an English or German language based web site we'll also proof read your web site free of charge.

Worth mentioning too is that many people overestimate the number of words presented on their web site. The actual number of words of text presented on most web sites tends to be relatively small. And of course the resulting cost tends to be well under what is expected.

For software localisation another option we might be able to offer is to take no upfront fee. In these cases we take a margin of sales in the languages for which we provide translations. Please understand we are not making a commitment here. It's an option which you might wish to consider and discuss with us.
The Translate Me Group will provide the fast turnaround and the quality you demand with the cultural sensitivity you need to effectively communicate with your foreign market. We have a Code of Ethics that staff are required to comply with. And we have a quality assurance programme.
The Translate Me Group has the experience and the network of expert translators to help you properly convey the subtleties of linguistics, technical and cultural accuracy. Whether your text is a marketing translation, an advertisement, a business translation, a web site translation, a legal translation, a medical or a personal document.

The Translate Me Group is based in Wellington, New Zealand. Contact details:

Telephone +64-4 970 6125
Facsimile +64-4 970 6121
Address 46 Miro Street, Trentham, Wellington 6007, New Zealand
E-mail [email protected]
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