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The Translate Me Group is a support group which will help your organisation to communicate. Whether the the recipients are domestic or external, The Translate Me Group can assist. We specialise in providing expert language translations. Our primary focus is web site translation and localisation services.

Web site translation is one of the biggest growth areas in the translation market. For companies that operate globally, a web site can be a vital communication and marketing tool. It is important that all target audiences can read and understand the site.

All translations are performed by competent human translators. No translation software is used.

Web Site Localisation
The Translate Me Group provides a one-stop solution for organisations wishing to reach international markets through the use of the Internet. You provide us with your requirements and we translate your web pages in a way culturally true to your target market while retaining the integrity of your design. When a visitor to your site selects their desired language, all the web pages and links they follow maintain their chosen language as they navigate through your site.
The Translate Me Group works with your web development staff. We provide translations of all text and graphics.
E-mail and Correspondence

Our comprehensive e-mail service provides swift turnaround of correspondence.

Five Step Process
The Translate Me Group has developed and implemented a stringent quality assurance programme. "TransQual" is the name we have given to our 5-step translation process. This process has been developed to ensure that every translation completed consistently meets the same high standards, so that we can guarantee our clients a quality job every time.
Step One
Translations are usually completed by a native speaker of the target language (e.g. a text from English into German is usually translated by a native German speaker). Native speakers are used in most circumstances to ensure that the phrasing and vocabulary used in the translation sound natural.
Step Two
The translation is then checked by a speaker of the source language (e.g. a text being translated from English into German would be checked by an English speaker). During this process the primary role of the reviser is to make sure the translator has fully understood all nuances of the original text.
Step Three
The translation is spell-checked and proof-read. For jobs that are being translated into more than one language, a check is made across all languages to make sure they are consistent in their handling of the text and graphics.
Step Four
A final check is made to see that all client instructions have been followed and that the job is ready to be dispatched in the correct format.
Step Five
Once amendments have been made to the web site, we test all pages to ensure that the translation has been implemented correctly.
Software Localisation
If you have a great software product and want to make it available to a wider audience, then making versions available in various languages is a major advantage. We have considerable expertise in software localisation.

In some circumstances we can provide translations at no upfront cost. Our fee can be based on a margin of the sales of the resulting software in the languages to which we help.
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