This page is intended to offer something to anyone interested in language, other cultures, language translation and web site localisation.

We've also included what we hope you'll find are useful links to websites offering free software, information and a bit of fun.

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Language Translation Tips
Simple issues that need to be considered for language translation and localisation.
Translation and Language Related Links
Languages of the World
With over three thousand languages spoken in the world today, which one ranks number one? Do people speak Spanish or Portuguese in Brazil? What are two most common dialects of Chinese? Let us show you the answers.
Newsletter Articles (mostly related to translation and available for free distribution)
Spelling Guide for English - Free Download
Download in MS Word Format (79K)           Download in PDF Format (116K)
World Clock
Current time and date in any country!
Translate Me Group Thoughts on Language
Useful DownloadsEthnologue
ISO Language Codes Web Safe Color Chart
Computer File Suffix TypesURL Country Code Siffixes
Newspapers Around the World
Acronym SearchEuropean Commission - EuroDicAutom
Weather Maps Around The World
Find out what the weather is like in Paris, Rome, or New York today and for the next three days!
International Currency Converter
Convert 165 world currencies on the fly! Available in English, French, German, and Italian.
Country and Cultural Information
When on this page, just select the country your are interested in and go! In just one click you will find out about its geography, population, social and business practices, languages, and more.
World City Guide for Business Travellers
Planning a trip overseas? You probably want to know more about the city you will be staying in - how much does a hotel room, taxi ride, or a business dinner cost? What are some of the expected cultural behaviours? Find out for yourself.
Language Translation Howlers
Translation errors that have occurred at some large organisations.
Fight The Fog
Le secret d'ennuyer est ... de tout dire.

The secret of being a bore ... is to tell everything.


Fight the Fog is a programme run by the European Union to encourage authors and translators to write more clearly. It is a light-hearted campaign which draws attention to the dangers of FOG - that vague grey pall that descends on EU documents, obscuring meanings and messages, causing delays and irritation.

The EU has developed a guide, intended for all writers of English at large, bureaucratic institutions. Whether your job is drafting or translating, here are some hints - not rules - that will help you to write clearly and make sure your message ends up in your readers' brains, not in their bins.

Download "Fight The Fog" booklet. To print out this booklet, download the PDF version - for this, you'll need Acrobat Reader, available free of charge from Adobe Systems' web site.


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