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The Translate Me Group is your gateway to expert translations to and from foreign languages including English, Dutch, Chinese, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Italian and Portuguese, as well as many of the world's more exotic languages.

The Translate Me Group has the experience and the network of experienced translators to help you accurately convey the subtleties of linguistics, technical and cultural accuracy. Whether your text is a marketing translation, an advertisement, a business translation, a web site translation, a legal translation, a medical or a personal document. The Translate Me Group will provide the fast turnaround and the quality language translation you demand, with the cultural sensitivity you need to effectively communicate with your foreign market.

The globalisation of business, fueled by falling trade barriers, political reorganisation, and exploding communications technology, is forging a new international economic order. The traditional corporate hierarchy is rapidly evolving into a multinational network spanning great distances and multiple time zones; but above all, it must overcome language barriers.

Organisations must transcend barriers of languages, culture, work styles, professional and personal relationship perspectives. Cross-cultural and multilingual competence are essential to succeed in this rapidly diverse global marketplace.

Everyone prefers to deal with organisations that understand and meet their needs. And fundamental to quality service is the ability to communicate. Language translation is fundamental to meeting the communication needs of your foreign clients, customers and colleagues.

Translating your web site and marketing material into a variety of languages will have an enormous benefit in opening new markets. For example, did you realise that there are only six countries where English is the national language (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand)? The benefits of investment in language translation pays for itself many fold.

And once the decision is made to have your web site translated, then you need to choose a translation service with the skills, quality and ethics that you can trust and depend on. The Translate Me Group provides high quality, timely and reliable translation services. The Translate Me Group can help your organisation go global.

We welcome your review of our language translation web site. Feel free to send us a comment at [email protected]. Check back often as we change this site regularly and are always extending the range of topics and information presented.

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