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Here you will find a pot-pourri of useful downloads, not only for language and translation, but also more generally to help you use the Internet.


Adobe Acrobat Reader
The essential document reader at

Advert Wiper

This is a great little utility which clears those annoying adverts embedded in many web sites. It's free, it's tiny and best of all it works. Download from

Dr Watson
The Dr Watson site will analyse your web site pages for appropriate use, spelling, speed et al. It's simple to use, very fast and gives great information. Go to

Looking for that driver to make that new CD drive or printer work. The best source of is found at By the way you can use the logon "drivers"with a password of "all".

English Dictionary and Thesaurus
This is a great dictionary which binds itself to Microsoft Word as an icon on the tool bar. Download for free from WordWeb.

A good quality, personal firewall called Zone Alarm. Best of all it's free at Zone Labs.

Need a flag to display on your web site. Here are all the country flags in static and animated form. You control the size, animation and background. Go to
The World Flag Database is also a useful site at The flag artwork is static, but they provide good information and a much wider range.

A variety of resources to assist with fonts.

FTP Software
There is a large range of FTP file management software. Here's an excellent system based on the design of Windows Explorer which is free and user friendly. Download from FTPX Com.

Like 90% of web sites we use Macromedia's web development tools. This site was written with Dreamweaver, and all of the artwork was developed with Fireworks. Macromedia offer all of their superb products for 30 day evaluation. Go to

Popup Killer
This little utility splats those annoying popup adverts. Download from xFX JumpStart at

There is a huge range of anti-virus software products. Here's an excellent system, and best of all it's free. Download the AVG Anti Virus software from

An absolute essential. It is the compression software that sets the standard. The evaluation copy that you can download will never expire. Download from

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