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A little poem we hope you might enjoy. Have a great day!

Web Site Fun
by Grant McNamara

We read the advices of gurus' great,
Followed their advices to help the rate,
Of our web site position in Yahoo and Google,
Our budget you see, was rather quite frugal,

And sure it took months of trying this and that,
We didn't allow enthusiasm to run flat,
And over time the hit rate did rise,
And oh our relief, the pleasant surprise,
As we saw all those sales, and fat orders arrive,

But we can't stop now; there's so much to be done,
To widen the space that we have in the sun,
We've decided to try something, perhaps unique,
As we appreciate that some people can't speak,
Our language is English and so is our site,
But there are millions of people we figure, who might,
Just buy from us if they could read our words,
So to avoid our sales message from being blurred,

We're making our site present other options,
In words in other language adoptions,
We understand that the world is round,
And languages of all sorts are to be found,
We want to be able sell to the Danes,
And even make sales in sunny Spain,

And so we had translators work extra special hard,
To ensure other cultures are held in true regard
And now our site is in languages other,
So far far more peoples our web site does cover,

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Author Information:
Grant McNamara <>
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Grant McNamara is consultant specializing multilingual software
development and internet support.

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