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I'm Making A Fortune and I Ain't Doin' A Darn Thing!

By Sam Knight

I don't care how many times we are warned about the hype popping up every two hours, we obviously aren't good listeners. The hype/scams PROMISE that if you part with $5.95 you will not only be Sitting on, but Owning "Easy Street" in no time.

Has anyone noticed how much more money is the "Eve's Apple" these days? We're up to over 500 thousand and a little over a million - all doable anywhere from six months to a year!

Emails subjects like, "Turn $5 Into $10,000 In you-never-saw-five-bucks-grow-so-fast" turn me off. Maybe it happens, I don't know. But I feel insulted by it. I'm not too crazy about "We Pay You For Doing Less Than Nothing", either. Could somebody out there be nice and explain the concept of "less than nothing" to me?

How about this new temptation of guaranteed commissions IN ADVANCE of any real orders processed. I don't have to generate any cash but they'll pay me anyway? On the strength of what? Let's not even discuss the email processing bit. Been there, done that and the tee-shirt is ruined!

If I'm real lucky maybe I'll get more ads that tell me straight from the beginning not to worry about its legality. To calm any potential fears, they always generously provide a section of the law that says it's okay to proceed without fear of prosecution. Wow, is this a dream or what? Being involved in something that tells me up front I don't have to be concerned about jail time.

Other than my money, if someone can build a downline for me, doesn't that make me just a tad useless?

Is it them - or is it us? What insanity has us believing we can make millionaire status by forking over a few dollars, sit on our behinds, lean back in the chair and wait for Wells Fargo to ring the doorbell?

Logic insists that Somebody's got to be doing SOMETHING to make money. If it's not you, why would anyone doing the work put the bucks in your bank account? HELLO!!!!! When's the last time you handed over your paycheck to some stranger? Maybe I need to get out more, but everyone I know who gets a check is doing something to deserve it.

We can't curse the growing lack of ethics and integrity on the Internet. That we are consistently warned against - and then fall for every hocus pocus "brass ring" simply because it looks "possible" to make a fortune by doing next to nothing. This only makes us part of the problem!

The Internet is a great tool but that's all it is. Another means to an end. But just like any other tool, some people don't care how they use it. If that means making chump-a-lumps of you and me what do they care? They've got their money..

You want to create some financial success using the internet? Good, but understand hype and nonsense isn't gonna get it. It's about dedicating our ambitions to our brains, self-motivation, energy and common sense. I KNOW we're smarter than this, but sometimes I wish I had a diabolical mind. I could make a fortune ripping people off.
nd. I could make a fortune ripping people off.

Sam Knight is Editor/Publisher of "BOOMER BRIGADE!" Newsletter.
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