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Creating Content With Style - Part 1

By Grant McNamara

Creating professional content for your web page or document isn't difficult. This series of articles will teach you what the typesetters have known for generations.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

By Grant McNamara

Dale Carnegie wrote what is arguably the most influential business book ever published. 'How To Win Friends And Influence People' is a classic. Is the book's message any different in the 21st century?

Who Can Read Your Web Site?

By Grant McNamara

We assume that people looking at our web site can read the words. But can they? If they can't read what is presented, they certainly won't buy. Tens of millions of people use the Internet to buy products and services everyday, but they wont buy from you. Why not? Because they can't read English.

Making Your Web Site Available to The World

By Grant McNamara

You've a great web site and it's working well. Sales are good, the site is listed on search engines, and hits are great. What can you do now? Well you could sit back and do nothing. But just maybe you might want to expand your potential market. There's a big world out there and every day of every week, all over the world, thousands more people get connected to the Internet.

A few Thoughts on Writing International English

In this article, author Craig Lock offers a contrary view to many Editors and self appointed experts on web site English. His views are refreshing and perhaps obvious.

Should You Translate Your Web Site to Another Language?

June Campbell attempts to answer the question in this interesting article.

Success on Foreign Search Engines Made Easy and Possible

In this article David Gikandi gives some great advice on how to expand your site to foreign language speaking markets using search engines and English translation.

Each Discipline Has Its Own Language

John Warzecha examines the use of jargon and suggests a better way of communicating through the Internet.

Keeping Your Writing Simple

An article by Robert Brents gives a plug for the kiss principle.

"Ap kounse zuban boltay hen?"

Seriously consider translating your web site into the language of your market. This newsgroup post by Gary Granai from Poland is terrific.

Do You Make The Right Impression?

How do you make your offer stand out from the rest and give the impression of a professional, solid and desirable opportunity? A well written, clear web site with no mistakes is a good start. By Lari Steel.

Potential Customers Are Being Ignored

The Internet population is still expanding. Many new people do not have English as their first language and will be unable to understand many of the current web pages. Providing a translation will make these people potential customers. By Lari Steel.

I'm Making A Fortune and I Ain't Doin' A Darn Thing!

The Internet offers all manner of opportunities to grow rich. No doubt you've seen sites which sell, for a few dollars, will give you the secrets of instant wealth. Sam Knight let's us in on his views.

The Englishing of Earth

Every fortnight, somewhere in the world, a language dies. Now Scottish Gaelic faces the same fate, as English continues to homogenise the way we speak. Richard Morrison looks at the cultural cost of such overwhelming linguistic supremacy

One Story

For some mysterious reason journalist Len McGrane of One-a-Week decided to talk with our firm's founder.

Why Multi-lingual Makes Sense

By Alex Garden - NetInsites

According to IDC only 45 percent of current online users speak English, whereas 85 percent of Web pages are in English. This percentage of English users will drop quickly over the next few years if estimates from Global Reach are correct.

Quality Web Site Language

By Grant McNamara

Well written web sites don't just happen, they are designed and engineered. You don't just run the spell checker through the text and consider the job done. You need to review the words, and examine them carefully. Put yourself in the place of your prospects and customers. How will they perceive and respond to what is written?

Thinking International?

by Bill Dunlap

Here is a 5-point checklist before you launch your Website in other countries

Poetry dedicated to the Spelling Checker

A school examination we couldn't resist including

A Little Poem to Brighten Your Day

By Grant McNamara

Software Localisation. What is it?

By Grant McNamara

Help Fight Cancer - Cost Free

By Grant McNamara

You can make a difference in the fight against cancer. Without a penny or a moment of your time your PC can do perform cancer research when you're not using it. Find out how and read this article.

A Corporate Brand's Global Journey: How to Reach a
Desired Brand Status in Today's Environment

by Bryan Calloway

What is it that drives people around the world to look for office software made by Microsoft, or buy publishing and illustration tools made by Adobe, or to devour books written by Steven King? The answer is simple: global branding so effective that everyone trusts the quality of your product.
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